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A unique collection of audio recordings that have been musically engineered to effectively prevent noise phobias in dogs. Building on scientific research, the Master’s Voice Noiseshy Cure System: Thunder/Fireworks induces a relaxing state while slowly, methodically desensitizing your dog to the sounds of real thunder or fireworks, depending on which program you use (this product contains both Thunder and Fireworks programs). It has been field tested by acclaimed canine experts, animal behaviorists and veterinary schools. Use it to cure a dog who has a noise phobia, or to condition a puppy so that it doesn’t develop noiseshyness in the first place.

Psychologist and PSYCHOLOGY TODAY contributor, Melissa Burkley, says “programs like the Master’s Voice Noiseshy Cure System combine desensitization and counterconditioning by slowly exposing dogs to their feared noises in the midst of background music that is not only calming but engineered to have the same beat as a dog’s resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute. The dog becomes so calmed by the music it barely registers the pop-pop of fireworks or rumble of thunder.” Our program was also featured in Cornell University’s “Animal Health Newsletter.”

Customers can choose between two versions of our products: (1) a physical copy of the CD that will arrive in the mail or (2) a digital version whereby after purchase, you will receive an email with a download link (Note: if you do not receive an email immediately after purchase, please check your email’s Spam folder).

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Since 1986, our Master’s Voice Noiseshy Cure system has successfully cured dogs of all ages and breeds. The program uses state-of-the-art behavior modification methods. The nature of the music, rhythm, realistic thunder and fireworks sounds, and even the instruments used in this system are based on in-depth observation, analysis and testing with noiseshy dogs. Each audio segment gradually increases the volume of the offending noise, how often the noises occur, and how long the noises lasts. Included instruction manual helps you succeed at each level of training.

Training takes just a few minutes a day, with results in three to six weeks! This special two-disc system includes a thunder noiseshy program and a fireworks noiseshy program, two of the most common causes of noiseshyness in dogs. See the KennelCalm System to accelerate your training process.

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