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A unique collection of audio recordings that have been musically engineered to effectively prevent gunshyness in dogs. Building on scientific research, the Master’s Voice Gundog Conditioning System induces a relaxing state while slowly, methodically desensitizing your dog to the sounds of real gunfire. It has been field tested by acclaimed canine experts, animal behaviorists and veterinary schools.

Larry Mueller, Hunting Dog Editor for OUTDOOR LIFE, says that with this system there is “absolutely no reason for dogs to become gunshy.” In fact, many experts recommend putting every hunting dog through a conditioning process like ours prior to exposing them to real-world gunfire in order to prevent gunshyness. This could be the most important training you do with your gundog!

Customers can choose between two versions of our products: (1) a physical copy of the CD that will arrive in the mail or (2) a digital version whereby after purchase, you will receive an email with a download link (Note: if you do not receive an email immediately after purchase, please check your email’s Spam folder).

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Since 1986, the Master’s Voice Gundog Conditioning System has been used to effectively prevent hunting dogs from developing gunshyness. It was even featured in an OUTDOOR LIFE article entitled “Introducing Gunfire: A Trauma-Free Method to Correct Gun-Shyness.”

The nature of the music, the rhythm, realistic gunfire, and even the instruments used in this system are based on in-depth observation, analysis and testing with gunshy dogs. Each audio segment gradually increases the volume of the gunfire, how often the gun fires, and how long the gunfire lasts. It also changes the source of the gunfire as well as the nature of the sound. Included instruction manual helps you succeed at each level of training.

The result is a product that effectively makes your dog think shotguns are as soothing as music. Use it to condition puppies, even entire litters, or sensitive adult gundogs during the off-season to prevent gunshyness from developing. Helps hunting dogs become calmer at shot when they return to the field. Training takes just a few minutes a day, with results in three to six weeks!

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