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A unique collection of audio recordings that have been musically engineered to effectively calm dogs. KennelCalm goes well beyond other products that just offer your dog relaxing music. Building on scientific research, each classical song in the KennelCalm System has been specifically modified to include subtle “heartbeat” bass notes that mimic a dog’s relaxed heartbeat and induce a state of relaxation. It has been field tested by acclaimed canine experts, animal behaviorists and veterinary schools.

KennelCalm is an effective tool for dealing with a dog’s noise phobias (see also our Noiseshy System: Thunder/Fireworks), separation anxiety, crate training, boarding, vet visits, grooming visits, or any situation that your dog finds stressful. Also excellent for veterinarians, trainers, animal behaviorists, pet spas, groomers and boarding kennels.

Customers can choose between two versions of our products: (1) a physical copy of the CD that will arrive in the mail or (2) a digital version whereby after purchase, you will receive an email with a download link (Note: if you do not receive an email immediately after purchase, please check your email’s Spam folder).

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Dogs are highly sensitive to sounds. In fact, their hearing is four times as sensitive as humans. As a result, sound is a highly effective tool to reduce your dog’s anxiety. Since 1986, KennelCalm has capitalized on this fact to successfully calm dogs of all ages and breeds. KennelCalm was even featured in Cornell University’s “Animal Health Newsletter.”

KennelCalm can be used alone to induce relaxation, but it is also a useful tool when used in combination with our Gundog Conditioning and Noiseshy Cure: Thunder/Fireworks Systems (already included in our Gunshy Cure System). It can be used as the first step in these training systems. Our other products all start with a single track of calming music, but supplementing with KennelCalm provides 8-tracks (a full 45 minutes) of calm-inducing music. Supplementing our other products with KennelCalm in this way has been shown to accelerate a dog’s training. It can also be used after your dog has completed our other training programs, as a reassuring source of calm during stress-inducing situations like thunderstorms or fireworks displays.

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  1. Mel & Linda Mayberry

    Our Border Collie Toby was a quivering nervous mess, every 4th of July and New Years eve. He would climb in the bathtub or a corner somewhere and try to dig his way out completely irreconcilable, no matter what we used that our Veterinarian would prescribe. Our lives were changed after receiving your CD KennelCalm. We played the CD while encouraging Toby to go in his kennel, his safe place, turning off the overhead light, and giving him 2 calming treats. He rested through the entire event 12/31/22 while the wonderful music played and we were able to relax and enjoy the evening ourselves. Thank You for making a difference, a big difference in our lives. We will begin re-conditioning him to all noises which send him running with the CD Thunder/Fireworks today. God Bless!

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